Chef Elena Arzak imparts some knowledge. (Photo by Angela Shah)

Chef Elena Arzak imparts some knowledge. I listen. Closely.  (Photo by Angela Shah)

‎”Into no department of life should indifference be allowed to creep – into none less than the domain of cookery.” Yuan-Mei (1716-1797, gastronome, poet, scholar of the Qing Dynasty)

Ugly word, indifference. I am anything but indifferent. I believe that indifference can harm. In ways big and small. And in a kitchen, indifference is boring. And deadly. And it must be thrown out the back door.

I am a writer and editor, and I have worked at newspapers around the world, including New York, Paris and Abu Dhabi. I cook, and I eat. I staged in 2012 at Amador, Arzak, and Spring, and wish I had been able to stay at each place for a longer period of time. I learned a lot at three fine restaurants, and met some incredible cooks and chefs in three of the greatest countries in the world.

I have plans for a restaurant of my own.

The journey continues.