Travel does wonders for the soul. You wake up in one city, and go to bed that evening in another locale halfway across the world, in a completely different environment, surrounded by new sounds, scents, people. You walk down alleys and streets, beaches or trails, and you take it all in, the tastes and sights and the emotions. You sit at foreign tables and allow the days and nights to wash over you, luxuriating in the commonplace, the slower unfolding of your life. Unfortunately, most people find it impossible to get away as often as they want … but there are sometimes others ways.

I recently traveled to Baja, Mexico, and tasted the foods of that beautiful area, all without leaving Houston. Angela and I dined at SaltAir Seafood Kitchen, and it was good. You can read all about it here. (And you’re in luck, because Brandi Key’s Tropic of Cancer Series continues through July 1 … get your ticket to India, China, Hawaii, and Cuba, and eat well.)