I cook a lot, and over the years have used many products and items. Frying pans, skillets, pots and pans, grills and grill tops, kettles and spatulas and bowls and blenders. Some were good, some not so good, and a few were not worth the space they took up in my kitchen. In the past year or so I’ve been approached by a few representatives wanting me to test some of their products, knives and cookware mostly. One name, however, intrigued me more than the others.

Chantal's Copper Fusion cookware set

Chantal’s Copper Fusion cookware set

That name  is Chantal, and I am now a brand ambassador for the company and blogging about its products and the people behind them. It’s based in Houston, Texas, was founded by Heida Thurlow in 1971 (I will be writing about her, because her story is enthralling), and makes some amazing things. Most of you know its iconic tea kettle, but there is so much more, including some excellent cookware made in Germany (and elsewhere) that I am using in my home kitchen and with The Brockhaus. I look forward to introducing you to Chantal, and helping you make some great dishes with its creations.

You can find the blog here; let me know what you think.