It’s a small island, and in 400 years, give or take a year or two, it will be submerged by the waters of the Atlantic. But it’s had a good, long run, and Angela and I enjoyed our time on Nantucket this month. We took part in a beautiful wedding, met some great people, cooked some food and fed 50 people, and spent some time in a few good restaurants.

Our final dinner of the trip was the best one, at a restaurant called The Proprietors Bar & Table. (We had unknowingly encountered the restaurant’s chef, Thomas Berry, several evenings before at a bar, and then the next day saw him walking a bulldog around town. We, in essence, followed him and his girlfriend, the restaurant’s pastry chef, to their kitchen.) It was a rainy evening, and we were seated at a table in the rear of the tiny dining room. The menu excited me, we ordered a good wine, and the dishes began arriving. We talked, and drank, and were warm and happy.

Pork cheeks done right, shrimp cooked the way I like them – not overcooked – some excellent mushrooms, and a few perfect beets, all accompanied by ideal ingredients. Simple, honest, full of confident technique, and satisfying.

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